Youri Derine

Certified Trainer

Youri Derine, hailing from the vibrant soccer culture of Haiti, has emerged as a transformative figure in the world of youth female soccer development. With an impressive four-year tenure at SATSOCCER, he has indelibly shaped the trajectory of emerging female soccer talents in the United States. His journey reflects his unwavering commitment to the sport, and his impact extends far beyond the borders of his homeland.

Professional Journey:
Born and raised in Haiti, Youri Derine’s passion for soccer was ignited at an early age. His journey in soccer coaching began in his homeland, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for the beautiful game. Seeking to refine his coaching skills, he made the pivotal decision to relocate to the United States and join SATSOCCER, a renowned private soccer training company known for its commitment to excellence.

Empowering the Future Stars:
At SATSOCCER, Youri Derine has been instrumental in nurturing the top female youth players in the United States. His dedication to the development of these young athletes transcends the confines of the training pitch. Derine not only imparts technical finesse but also cultivates the strategic mindset needed to excel in the evolving landscape of women’s soccer.
His coaching philosophy is grounded in holistic player development. Under his guidance, young female talents have flourished, not only as athletes but as individuals of character and leadership. The values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and a relentless work ethic have become integral aspects of their soccer journey.

Impact at SATSOCCER:
Derine’s presence at SATSOCCER has been a catalyst for the company’s continued success. His ability to connect with young female players and inspire them to reach their full potential has elevated the quality of the training programs offered. SATSOCCER’s commitment to producing well-rounded female soccer players aligns seamlessly with Derine’s vision, creating a synergy that has benefitted countless aspiring athletes.

Continuing Legacy:
As Youri Derine continues to empower and inspire the next generation of female soccer stars, his legacy in youth soccer development continues to flourish. His unwavering commitment to evolving the women’s game, coupled with his Haitian spirit and innovative coaching approach, positions him as a driving force in the field. His work at SATSOCCER remains instrumental in shaping the future of women’s soccer in the United States, ensuring that the legacy of female soccer excellence thrives.

In summary, Youri Derine’s journey from Haiti to the United States, alongside his pivotal role at SATSOCCER, exemplifies his unwavering commitment to nurturing and evolving the women’s game. His coaching acumen, coupled with his impact on top youth female players, solidifies his status as a visionary in youth female soccer development, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of soccer.

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