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SAT Plus Monthly Subscription

$50.00 / month

1. Soccer Cleat Tracker 

SAT Soccer has partnered with Playermaker to present a tool that transforms your cleats to smart cleats with the pioneer and point device that improves your development as a player. The UNO by Playermaker is a wearable soccer tracker that goes on your cleats and can be used in games/training under any weather condition. This tracker collects data, stats, and specific metrics that can be reviewed through the SAT Soccer app after each game/training. Below are some areas that can be tracked:
  • distance covered
  • sprint speed and distance
  • tocuhes
  • ball releases
  • one touch
  • kicking velocity
You will have access to all of your data via your personal dashboard. You can download and share your reports with your coaches and mentors. Share and compare with other members of the SAT Soccer community to see where you benchmark. Not only will you be able to improve your game over time by tracking data and improving weaker areas, but this can be a powerful tool for recruitment and scouting.
2. Personal feedback + analysis
Personal constructive feedback applicable by a trained specialist is also imperative when trying to improve as a player. Therefore, an SAT Specialist will closely analyze 1 of your games out of the month followed by a Zoom call. On the 1:1 the specialist will go over the game breakdown and analysis.  More of a 1:1 mentoring session – observations, strengths, areas to improve, applicable feedback will be provided to the player.
3. Promotional video 
At this day and age visual content and social media is essential for marketing yourself and growing exposure as a player. We will be teaming up with one of South Florida’s best sport videographers to shoot a personal promotional highlight reel to showcase your talent and skills. With close ups, drone footage, and high quality shots – it can also serve as a great tool with scouting and recruitment.

SAT Plus Monthly Subscription

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