Gold Membership

$580 $550

This is our Gold Membership which includes:

  • 10 Private Training Sessions
  • Offers a more individual approach to training.
  • Players benefit from a session uniquely tailored to their individual skills and needs.
  • An  SAT SOCCER trainer will work with the player to build players strengths, minimize weaknesses, and reach the player’s personal goals and potential.
  • Players will get many touches of the ball, working on all surfaces of the foot.
  • Working on such areas as control, turning, weak and strong foot training and heading to name a few.
  • Players can also request ‘positional training’ where our trainer would work on the primary skill set for the young players position, for example a striker would work skills such as on control from ground and air (back to goal/side to goal), shooting, finishing (ground/air), off the ball movement and heading.

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