Why choose SAT Soccer


The Vision

To become globally known as the Elite Soccer establishment to go to if you plan get the best training, to obtain a College Scholarship or to become a Professional Player

The Approach

Provide a of type training that is not offered by any other local entity today.
Provide a “membership” approach, where attendees get the same service anywhere globally.
Membership based approach provides a recurrent fee and at the same time it provides access all services globally to all members (LA Fitness, Costco, or Gym approach)

The Pillars

Always be centered around 6 main pillar Programs:
Elite Technique
Speed and Conditioning
Injury and Injury Prevention
Education - complement to school

The Secret Sauce

All the pillars are structured around a full set of analytical tools to record and measure data where players and coaches can track their performances.
A Global platform with the addition of game footage which can be analyzed by SAT, college, and professional coaches

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Ethan Sonis

Hello, I'm Ethan Sonis, a personal soccer trainer based out of Florida but covering the whole globe. I dedicated my life to teaching players elite soccer techniques, including never seen moves, as well as to getting players in great shape & improving their lifestyle by inspiring confidence and best practices.

Ethan Sonis has played internationally in German, Netherlands and Spain, and he was part of the USA U-20 National Team under Tab Ramos. In addition he was also considered for the Argentina National Team given his dual citizenship status.

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